Oregon coast sunset and sunrise-Same place, different feelings

If you search for Oregon coast sunset on Google, it returns more than 3.5 million hits whereas search for Oregon coast sunrise returns only 1.3 million hits. This is an indication that sunset is more […]


Songs of the Cicadas

I am from a small village in beautiful Western Ghats region of Karnataka State in India. My village is filled with natural beauty including streams as well as thick evergreen forests. Especially during monsoon season, it […]


Effect of aperture setting on flower photography

Knowing what effect aperture setting will have on the captured image is very important in creating pleasing images. In this blog I demonstrate various aperture settings on flower photography and similar effect can happen in other […]


Importance of an element in photography composition

Composition in photography generally means arranging available elements in a frame so that the photograph conveys the intended message. A good composition is the one in that all elements are important. In other words, photographer […]


Light as the main subject in landscape photography

Good play of light (and shadows) make any photograph sing. If light is the main subject in the photograph, then that photograph is even more special. In this blog, I feature some of the images I […]


Most common lighting conditions in landscape photography

In landscape photography, you often encounter different lighting conditions that can be broadly categorized in to three types: 1. Front lighting, 2. Back lighting and 3. Side lighting. In this blog post I will explain […]